Four Reasons Dogs Chase Their Tail, That You May Not Know

We all giggle when we watch a dog chase their tail. Have you ever wondered why they do it?

Jessica provides the reasons in the below video.

While tail chasing may be a genetic trait and entertaining for the dog, there are ways to stop tail chasing if it becomes an obsessive or bothersome behavior.

Exercise your dog physically by walking your dog. Many owners believe that running in the backyard is sufficient exercise for a dog. Walking circles around the same area grows tiresome. Walking your dog allows them to experience different sights and smells along the way. This form of canine enrichment is exciting for a dog.

Play fetch with your dog. Adding rules to the game prevents play from getting too rough or out of control, thereby preventing injuries, such as dog nips and being knocked down.

Canine enrichment is a fantastic way to tire your dog mentally. Many of the enrichment ideas allow your dog to partake in canine behaviors. Some ideas include: bubble play, feeding food in a treat releasing toy so they have to work for the food. Play with a flirt pole. Train your dog using obedience training, trick training or agility training.

Rather than laughing when the tail chase begins, teach your dog the “leave it” command so he stops when told. Then redirect them with another activity.

Dogs who chew on their paws, tail or other body parts may have an allergy or injury. Inspect your dog and visit the vet if you suspect either of these issues are causing the chase.

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