Why The Word “No” Rarely Works in Dog Training (and What DOES Work) 

Do you find yourself saying “NO” to your dog, rather than giving commands to stop a behavior?

We are not opposed to using the word no, as long as it is used properly. Here is our philosophy on the word “no”.

Imagine you are at work and make a mistake. Your boss screams “no”, glares at you and walks away. Not only will you never learn the job properly, your nervous anxiety will likely get the best of you. This is true for your dog too.

Help your dogs understand the behavior you want by teaching them commands that get the desired behavior. The word “No” should only be used when the dog doesn’t comply. Even then, it is simply a marker word that signals that they did not complete the command correctly and should try again. Example: Sit….no….sit

ISCDT teaches students how to understand the canine mind before training the dog. You’ll find us at ISCDT.com

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