Two questions we receive often are:

1. Is it possible to change a dog’s name after you adopt them?

Answer: You can absolutely change your dog’s name. Many people change the dog’s name to represent a fresh start for the dog, especially if the dog’s past was negative.

2. How do you teach dogs their name?

1. Go to a room that is quiet and low distraction
2. Say the name ONCE in a happy voice
3. When the dog looks at you, say “yes” to mark the behavior *
4. provide a treat and affection
5. Repeat steps

Advance your training:

1. Practice Steps 1 – 4 in different rooms of your home
2. Slowly add distraction levels and locations for practice.

*can use a clicker in place of the word “yes” to mark the behavior.

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Watch our non-fancy, video to see the training steps in action.

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