Does your dog wake you up early on your days off from work?  Do they struggle settling down at night when you want to sleep?  Here are tips to get your adult dog to settle at night and/or sleep later in the morning. 

  1.  Refrain from feeding and interacting with your dog the moment he wakes up.  Delaying meals and attention will deter pushy behavior.
  2. You can delay your dog’s feeding schedule up to one hour by gradually pushing it back.  Each day, feed your dog fifteen minutes later. Within four days, your dog’s meal times will be one hour later than normal. 
  3. Dogs are easily awoken by the sun and sounds.If they sleep in a crate, cover it. For dogs who sleep outside crates, keep the room dark.  Use of a sound machine will drown out sounds inside and outside the home, especially on garbage pick up days.
  4. Make sure you dog has a warm, comfortable bed to sleep on.
  5. Give your dog plenty of exercise each day.  Scheduling evening exercise helps empty the bladder and may help a dog sleep better.
  6. Make sure you bring your dog outside to eliminate right before bed.  
  7. If you and your dog rise with your alarm, set it 15 minutes earlier for several days. When the alarm goes off, hit snooze and roll back over, avoiding eye contact and interaction with your dog.  Every few days deduct five minutes, until you can set your alarm for the correct wake-up call. By that time, your dog will not be triggered by the alarm. When you get up, start your morning routine without interacting with your dog for 15 minutes. This teaches the dog that the alarm is not a feeding bell. 
  8. Do not permit your dog to drink water late in the evening. This may cause your dog to rise early for a bathroom break.  

Note: Due to bladders that are not fully developed, puppies who awaken during the night should be taken to the bathroom.  It is unfair to expect puppies to sleep late in the morning or throughout the night. If you struggle with housebreaking issues, check out our online housebreaking course, which includes help from a certified dog trainer. Visit .

If your adult dog begins to show signs of incontinence, take your dog to the vet to rule out urinary tract infections and digestive issues, rather than assuming it is behavioral or making any of these changes in their sleep habits.

Our 18 week online program is a hands-on program where students are required to work with dogs. Skill and ability is determined through a series of videos submitted to the school. We also offer a 2-week and 4-month in-person internship. To learn more about the courses we offer, visit

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