Can Poor Dog Training Be Corrected?

Can poor dog training be fixed? It can But it is not a fast fix.  It will take work and time. 

The dog believes the behavior is appropriate because the human reinforces this behavior with their response, or lack thereof. 

Often, the most difficult part of fixing bad training is getting the client to understand the error of their ways and getting them to change.

Puppy Temperament Testing

Puppy temperament testing helps people find working dogs, service dogs and sporting dogs. It can also find the perfect family dog, especially for first time dog owners and families with young children.

How Anthropomorphism Can Hurt Dog Training Efforts

Anthropomorphism is assigning human characteristics to an object or animal. When can anthropomorphism be a bad thing? When the behavior prevents us from recognizing and/or respecting the identity of a non-human being. If clients want to improve the bond with their dog and solve behavioral issues, they must truly understand and respect canine behavior.

Why Do Dogs Hump and Lick?

Why do dogs hump? Humping can be sexual in nature, especially for young, unaltered dogs. It can also be a form of dominance (at any age). Dog who are not properly socialized and those lacking obedience training may do it when they are overly excited. It is important to teach your dog that humping is inappropriate, otherwise, they will continue to exhibit this fun, playful behavior on other dogs, humans, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.

Human-Canine Bond: 10 Steps to Increase the Bond with Your Dog

The bond we form with animals is real. It explains why we suffer intense grief upon losing our pets. There are times our human-canine bond is super strong and times it’s weakened. The reason for a weakened bond is life. A busy work schedule, returning to school, having a new baby, getting married, moving. Any life change can disrupt our routine. Our pets often suffer as a result of our busier schedule. We provide you with 10 tips to strengthen your bond with your new dog or a long-time furry family member.

How to Get Dogs to Listen Around Distractions

Your dogs refuse to follow commands that they know. What causes them to ignore you? Dominance? Stubborn behavior? Lack or respect? Human error? Well, my friend you likely failed to generalize the dog’s behavior.

Calling All Dog Lovers!

ISCDT is hosting a Valentine’s Day Contest In 100 words of less, tell us why your dog is  special to you. Email submission to Follow us on Facebook for winning announcement Submit your entry and share the post with someone who absolutely loves their dog and wants everyone to know! Deadline: February 7,2020

Effectively Marker Training Your Dog

In marker training, how a dog responds (or behaves), determines whether the marker will be positive or negative. A positive marker is either the word “yes” or the sound of a clicker, followed by a reward. The most common rewards used during marker training are food, toys or affection.

Traveling with Your Dog Shouldn’t be Stressful

We want our dogs to travel with us, yet their presence can cause us to stress. What if they soil inside? What if they break something? What if they get loose and run away? Stress can cause us to fall back into bad habits of yelling at, or punishing, our dogs. In turn, the dog …