Calling All Dog Lovers!

ISCDT is hosting a Valentine’s Day Contest In 100 words of less, tell us why your dog is  special to you. Email submission to Follow us on Facebook for winning announcement Submit your entry and share the post with someone who absolutely loves their dog and wants everyone to know! Deadline: February 7,2020

Six New Year’s Resolutions to Adopt NOW If You Want Dog Training Success!

Want to increase your training success? Adopt these six tips and watch your dog’s training abilities go from learning to responding in real life situations

The Compassionate Dog Trainer

 In past articles we have shared the importance of patience and open-mindedness while training dogs.  If you would like to read those articles, visit Today, we reveal the next trait: EMPATHY  Empathy is one of the most important skills we possess as humans. The ability to understand and relate to another person’s feelings from […]

Four Tips to Improve Training Success

Do frustrated dog owners mention that their dog follows commands better when they know a training session is about to begin? Have them skip their normal routine of training. Here are some tips to help: 🐶 Ditch the treat pouch. Instead keep treats in your pocket 🐶 keep treat stations hidden around your home. You can keep […]

Why The Word “No” Rarely Works in Dog Training (and What DOES Work) 

Do you find yourself saying “NO” to your dog, rather than giving commands to stop a behavior? We are not opposed to using the word no, as long as it is used properly. Here is our philosophy on the word “no”. Imagine you are at work and make a mistake. Your boss screams “no”, glares […]


Have you ever witnessed your dog slide along your bed sheets with his face and neck on the mattress and his butt in the air, rear paws pushing him along?  If so, you’ve witnessed your dog scent rolling. In this scenario, it is a benign behavior that may cause amusement. Should you be the owner […]

A Dog’s Ability to Show Remorse – Myth or Truth?

Canine parents often describe their dog’s response to naughty infractions as remorse.  Scientists acknowledge that dogs experience different feelings, however regret and remorse are not within a dog’s range of emotion.  Rather, whenever a dog lowers his head, flashes sad eyes, pulls his ears back, lowers his body or hides, it is strictly in response […]

The Number One Piece of Information You Need to Know Before Working in the Dog Training Field.

I spent years reading books and articles and watching TV programs on the craft of dog training. I started each program filled with enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Eagerly, I filled my pockets with treats, attached the leash to my dog and applied the techniques I learned. Each training session ended in disappointment for me […]