Ask The Trainer: What breed of dog does not do well living in a multi-dog home?

I honestly do not like listing dog breeds that do well, or don’t do well, in a multi-dog home. The reason is because everyone has their own opinion. I have read articles that list the Golden Retriever and Maltese as dogs who do better living alone. While other articles list these same breeds as dogs who enjoy multi-dog homes. I have witnessed both breeds happily living together with other dogs.

Four Tips to Improve Training Success

Do frustrated dog owners mention that their dog follows commands better when they know a training session is about to begin? Have them skip their normal routine of training. Here are some tips to help: 🐶 Ditch the treat pouch. Instead keep treats in your pocket 🐶 keep treat stations hidden around your home. You can keep […]

How to Console a Grieving Pet Parent without Trivializing Their Loss

Hint: Our pets are much more than animals! My dog Duke was one of the greatest dogs I’d ever met.  We enjoyed three years together before he succumbed to lung cancer at the age of six.  His first anniversary was this past Monday. I miss him and from time-to-time still feel angry that he was […]

Four Reasons Dogs Chase Their Tail, That You May Not Know

We all giggle when we watch a dog chase their tail. Have you ever wondered why they do it? Jessica provides the reasons in the below video. While tail chasing may be a genetic trait and entertaining for the dog, there are ways to stop tail chasing if it becomes an obsessive or bothersome behavior. […]

How to Teach your Dog a New Command 10x Better Than the Average Dog Owner

Owners grow frustrated when their dogs struggle to learn a command or exhibit a behavior. Often times, humans mistakenly believe the word ‘stay’, along with supporting hand gestures, are sufficient enough to prevent the dog from moving.  Each time the dog breaks command, the owner reprimands the dog and repeats the sit command. Had they […]

Mastering the Walk with a Reactive Dog

You take your dog for a walk, and another dog passes by.  Your dog begins to pull you toward the other dog. He is also barking and lunging and making a lot of noise.  You try to hide behind a car or shove treats in your dog’s mouth to no avail. All you want is […]

A Day in the Life of a Dog Trainer

Your day begins with a review of the appointments you have scheduled for the day.  Review each case individually.  It is important to know what you did with the dog at prior lessons and what the main goals of the client are.  If you are just starting out you may feel you don’t need to […]

The Number One Piece of Information You Need to Know Before Working in the Dog Training Field.

I spent years reading books and articles and watching TV programs on the craft of dog training. I started each program filled with enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Eagerly, I filled my pockets with treats, attached the leash to my dog and applied the techniques I learned. Each training session ended in disappointment for me […]

Puppy Train with your Adult Dog in Mind

When we welcome a puppy or dog into our home, we are easily swayed by their tiny body and adorable face. Six months later, when our puppy doubles in size, we struggle with those decisions made early in our dog’s life. Since most dogs continue to grow throughout their first year of life, it is […]

Ask the Dog Trainer Episode 3

A dog owner asked how she can stop her dog from jumping at people as they pass on a walk. Since she doesn’t see that many dogs on walks, she isn’t sure how to practice the new behavior. Jessica provides some tips for this question. If you have a question for our dog trainers, email […]