Why The Word “No” Rarely Works in Dog Training (and What DOES Work) 

Do you find yourself saying “NO” to your dog, rather than giving commands to stop a behavior? We are not opposed to using the word no, as long as it is used properly. Here is our philosophy on the word “no”. Imagine you are at work and make a mistake. Your boss screams “no”, glares […]

The Number One Piece of Information You Need to Know Before Working in the Dog Training Field.

I spent years reading books and articles and watching TV programs on the craft of dog training. I started each program filled with enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Eagerly, I filled my pockets with treats, attached the leash to my dog and applied the techniques I learned. Each training session ended in disappointment for me […]

Puppy Train with your Adult Dog in Mind

When we welcome a puppy or dog into our home, we are easily swayed by their tiny body and adorable face. Six months later, when our puppy doubles in size, we struggle with those decisions made early in our dog’s life. Since most dogs continue to grow throughout their first year of life, it is […]

Why Won’t My Dog Go Outside Alone?

This is a problem many dog owners have. The practice may stem from puppy hood when leaving him unattended was dangerous because he would eat everything in sight. It may also have occurred after relocating from a situation where the dog had to be walked, to a home with a yard for the dog to […]